New jobs created 2100
New businesses created 168
Business expansions 164

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Transforming dreams into reality, through the cultivation of the untapped potential of the local business men and women in towns across the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)…

  • We are engaged in an economic and community development effort focused on African small business entrepreneurs.
  • We harness the energy of local entrepreneurs, leverage the knowledge and resources of local communities, employ the structure of a local board and the training and coaching of a business advisor to help people start and expand small businesses.
  • Our approach (in place in the DRC since 2009 but used in many other communities around the world for decades) builds the capacity in local communities to increase the success rates of small businesses.
  • Results-to-date have been tremendous, changing many lives.

We invite you to join us to support and encourage the local efforts to expand to additional communities.